Alright, I had the same presentation of a bio up here for the last few years, so it's time for a new one.  I'm not yet hiring a journalist to write the Jamie bio that's geared to make me sound like a fabled Disney hero, so for now you'll have to do with me.  Just me.

You ready for the 15 second elevator pitch as to who I am and what I'm about?  I've refined it over time now and have it down pat:

I'm a solo musician and I write full band rock n' roll tunes.  I can play all of the instruments in what I would consider a typical rock band set up (drums, bass, two guitars, vocals and sometimes keys), so that's what I like to write.  Currently, I'm working on some new full band studio recordings to present to the big wigs as an accurate representation of the Jamie Cunningham sound.  When I play out right now, I play out as more of a pub musician, taking all of the same tunes and adapting them for the context of the current gig. So on any given night when you see me play, my songs will often be dressed up differently for that specific experience.  The clothes may be different, but the songs and the guy delivering them are the same cast of characters.

I'm always writing songs and try to release some version of them to the public as soon as I finish the tunes and can record a demo that I'm happy with.  Sometimes I release them as YouTube videos, sometimes just cell phone recordings, other random times as actual studio recordings!  I like to update my music section on this website regularly and I've worked pretty hard to get everything I've ever recorded in a studio up there.  Regardless, I always try to give you guys plenty of material to carry with you throughout your daily lives.  That's what music's for anyways.

There's going to be a lot of exciting things happening in the future with music and with rock n' roll.  I'm going to be featured in a film that will be shown at various festivals around New York City, playing myself.  I hope I give myself proper time to prepare for the role. After my rock demo is done, I will assemble my merry band of musicians to play these tunes with me on stage.  That's when things are going to get really rowdy.  I can't for it all to unfold.  The sky's the limit and you're all with me on the flight.  Let's go.